GiGil Restro

Gigil, a part of Credence Group of Hospitality, is one of a kind multi cuisine restaurant, an open window bistro cafe, and all you-can-eat bakery.
At Gigil, we pride ourselves in making every moment you spend here a little better, a little more precious. That moment when the first bite makes you realize you’ve just discovered something amazing. Mesmerising. Maybe even life changing! If you think that’s a little much, consider this: to us, living through such moments is life. To cherish such a prized moment, our esteemed patrons enjoy their family and corporate get-together at our uniquely designed party halls - designed to make every moment a memory.

GiGil Restro

Credence Group of Hospitality is redefining the principles of service industry. Unlike the traditional ways of exchanging calories over a penny, we are bound to share the emotions first. Our value chain is based on trust and inclusiveness of every stake holders who contribute exchange of thoughts and cultural values for mutual growth. Holding the elemental essence of life, we at credence are a assured choice for our clientele.

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